❝ Don has developed a first class tracking system to track the variety of materials that we offload from barges and place into resale and production inventory. We are now able to track, with a couple clicks of a mouse, tonnages of product, by product, by the day, week, month, quarter or year. Incredibly quick, visually easy, and extremely simple to navigate. I am able to monitor real time to see what is happening at multiple locations, faster than making a phone call. Any time that I have had a question or request, Don has responded quickly, and accurately with a response or a solution. ❞
David Payne   Owensboro, KY   Yager Materials - Site Operations Manager

❝ Our relationship goes back 20 years. We had a totally automated electronic office in 1988. We connected to Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda mainframes, and saved significant labor and dollars. Due to our tracking systems we won contracts in the face of stiff competition. Our CFO reported that we saved $285,000 in labor costs alone in 6 months due to Don Keller's technology. Don designed and programmed our systems for well over 10 years. ❞
Lester Wolff   Dallas, Texas   NCDS President - Arbitration/Mediation

❝ In 1985 Don successfully built a workflow process for 100 workers from my whiteboard conceptual diagram. The process created a stable and secure manufacturing/transcribing environment for the quality control of medical documents for hospitals. In 2005 Don built a very complex and elegant web portal for my medical transcription company in Nashville, Tennessee. I recommend Don Keller with no reservations as a talented designer and builder of Web and workflow products and as a sterling human being. ❞
Doug Hardwick   Nashville, TN   President - Dictation Inc. Medical Transcription

❝ Stumbling into Don Keller has been a highlight of my professional career. My company partnered with Don during the creation of the MatMonitor product. I could spend time describing Don's commitment to his customer and technical skills, they are great and many, but it would not do the man justice. The ROI his systems bring customers are real, however long after the monetary savings have been forgotten the man will be remembered. There is a warmth, generosity, and spirit to him that speaks of a bygone era.
For most of us there are few business relationships that end in true friendship. For Don I believe it's the only kind he pursues. You'll hire a contractor only to end up with a partner and friend. Trusting a project to Don and Strong Controls is trust well placed. ❞
Drew Baryenbruch     RTA Automation - Industrial Interfaces

❝ Don collaborated and assisted in the development of ISG's proprietary Automated Workflow Vehicle Reacquisition System (the 'REAQ System'). The REAQ System allows ISG to administer vehicle repurchase and remarketing for Chrysler and Toyota in a highly efficient manner with all of the necessary controls required by State regulations. Consequently, the REAQ System has enabled ISG to provide a faster, more efficient service than its competitors while continuing to reduce the labor burden necessary for effective reacquired vehicle case management. ❞
Pat Connolly   Irving, Texas   ISG Vice President - Arbitration/Mediation

❝ Our business is almost exclusively the delivery of time sensitive information. We appreciate Don's work to simplify and automate this process and customers applaud our clear and efficient to use Web Reporter. The equipment reports are read by engineers and mechanics in the Gulf of Mexico, and around the U.S. ❞
Floyd Friloux   Kenner, LA   President - Lubriport - Industrial Laboratory

❝ We had a very specific need and a short timeline: to customize a back-end data base to fulfill unusual demands when taking on a mammoth national event, Annie Sloan's U.S. Tour. With evolutionary requirements and looming deadlines Don worked synergistically to accomplish our goals; a testimony to both his depth of knowledge and adeptness. International Distributor of Chalk Paint brand decorative paints and fabrics by Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd. ❞
Lisa Rickert   Metairie, Louisiana   International Distributor

❝ Following Hurricane Katrina, Don Keller participated in a major effort to restore our neighborhood. Most recently he updated our civic associations' communications tools by transforming our outdated PC-based database and creating an online database. As a result, we can continue our neighborhoods restoration progress and are prepared for future contingencies and evacuations by being able to share news from government officials and neighborhood leaders to all of our extensive membership. Don Keller's work is user-friendly and thorough. ❞
Mark Uddo   New Orleans, Louisiana   LCIA Neighboood Assoc. New Orleans

❝ Don is an excellent resource for fully understanding the business and web-site development needs of the customer. He seems to make a habit of promising what can be accomplished, and delivering a lot more on time, and on budget. ❞
Lloyd Jenssen   Littleton, Colorado   IT / Web Consultant

❝ As a small business, we recognized the need to have a website and a presence on the Internet, but had no idea of how to even start. Don took the time to educate us about many aspects of what a website can mean and bring to a business, as well as some basic marketing principles and strategies. He then proceeded in a very timely fashion to utilize his craft, his art, his mastery in sculpting for us what has already proved to be an invaluable tool for growing our counseling practice. The professionalism, personal attention, flexibility, responsiveness and creativity that Don brings to his clients are, truly, as remarkable as they are proving to be rewarding; for that, our deepest gratitude and strongest recommendation to anyone looking to grow a business ! ❞
Sue McCann   Metairie, LA   Counselor/Therapist/Trainer

❝ The case tracking system Don designed for Legal Aid Bureau, has greatly enhanced the services provided to our clients. His patience and thoroughness made him a pleasure to work with. ❞
Kim Glass   New Orleans, Louisiana   New Orleans Legal Aid Bureau

❝ The website Don created for me was very easy for my customers and myself to use. He was always there to make any changes I needed or to consult with. The daily email reports were especially helpful for my orders. Changes that I wanted made were always quickly done. ❞
Kim Mueller   Silver City, NM   Jewelry Artist