PHP Programmer - Business Processes
Design and Programming

Custom Applications for Business and Industry
Website Design - Website Programmer
Process Monitoring and Industrial Applications

Application Programming - Websites

Industrial and Business Solutions

  • Industrial Process Monitoring including ModBus TCP/IP
  • Office Automation - Business Processes - Workflow
  • Streamline your business, laboratory or plant
  • Custom Event Registration Systems
  • Database Driven solutions

Custom Business Applications and Databases

  • Industrial Process Monitoring and Management(IPMM)
  • Monitor and control processes, personnel, and performance
  • Gain Control - Save Money thru Business process Automation
  • Business Process Management(BPM) and Tracking Systems
  • Eliminate spreadsheets, legal pads and confusion
  • Centralize your distribution of information, documents, work.

PHP Programmer - New Orleans Louisiana

  • Custom Business Applications
  • 20 years experience serving industry and small business
  • PHP and MySQL database controlled websites and business systems
  • MySQL Database driven web sites, including CMS, intranets and portals

Business Process Design and Control

Status and Daily Tracking of work performed, Management Exception Alerts
"Get it done right every day" Automate, Control, Save, Comply
Custom Designed Reports, Login and Password Protected for Private Use
Corporate and Client Commmunications,

Report automation, web-enabled data entry, User Registration, and Audit Systems for your business.

We also provide protected logins and secured document repositories/archives.