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Don Keller - Proprietor

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Open Source
Server Application Language
- used by WikiPedia, Yahoo

Open Source Database
- used by FaceBook, Dropbox

Do you need labor savings, monitoring and control of personnel and processes, and greater client communication ?   We specialize in solutions for small and medium sized businesses, no in-house server required ! You can process your work with no additional hardware or software, using only your PC, Tablet or MAC and your favorite browser - Chrome Browser Preferred.


  • IPMM - Industrial Process Monitoring and Management
  • BPM -Business Process Management - Business Systems - Workflow systems - Applications
  • Public or private communication with clients, customers and staff
  • Business Intranets - Private "Login Only" communications via the web - Reporting Status Workflow
  • Tracking Systems for Business and Industry: Is it done yet ? Where is it in the process ?
  • Government Records Keeping - We can reduce manual labor, and document and insure compliance

Our custom systems are based on open standard software

What does it mean ? - lower cost of operation ! Free and Non-proprietary operating systems - See Sidebar re: PHP and MySQL

  • Free Upgrades of operating system software
  • Flexibility in choosing solutions

Some Standard Features

  • Automated and centralized distribution of information
  • No installation of software on individual PC's - Everything is stored and updated on the web server
  • Programs run on the server, not user's PC - performance is auditable and controllable
  • Automated exception reports notify what is NOT being done or out of the ordinary
  • Realtime audit of personnel and performance - Is the work proceeding according to your schedule ?


  • Build your correct and complete system using years of streamlining, process, and business experience
  • Database driven control and procedures allows expansion without requiring expensive rewrites
  • Third Normal From (3FN) data normalization means flexible, maintainable, and reliable systems
  • "Exceptions Rule" Find and program for the exceptions, and your automation will be effective