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    Dynamic Websites - Database Driven Websites - PHP MySQL

Dynamic Websites: Database Driven - PHP MySQL

  • We will study your workflow and create a custom system to implement and control the business process
  • Secure access restricted to your employees, customers or business partners
  • Logs and tracking pages show you work status - who is working and where the bottlenecks are
  • Goverment compliance can be built in to your system - reporting, audit trails, specific performance records
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This company needed to market their flying school. Since there is so much competition, we wanted to get people involved, and increase conversion rate- get people to buy. We selected a template and I started writing the copy and custom PHP code. They now have blog, news, testimonials and graduates photo pages that they control themselves, without paying a webmaster. After login, the customer changes their own website using a browser - no programming required !

A Denver Building owner needed to publish his Littleton office space availability. We put his properties on line, and now his staff, without any programming knowledge, can change the properties and suite occupancy at any time, without paying a webmaster. Potential clients see the Denver office space at a glance, and can act immediately by filling out the form, or by placing a call.

Suzanne McCann - Counselor, Therapist, Trainer, Supervisor - This website information about the multiple services of Insights of New Orleans. The website color scheme is based on the logo, and features many pictures. The website was designed to assist the internet user in easily finding and navigating to the subject of their interest, since Sue McCann provides counseling, therapy, training, and supervision.

Aimee Mulkey Weber - Dance Academy A website with style and functionality, this website allows validated registration on-line with database recording, and provides detailed course and schedule information. This website saves time and money for Aimee, a nationally recognized dancer, and allows her to pursue her childhood dream, teaching young people the joy of dance and performing.

Carol Helwick's New Orleans self-published book about a "small, very smart, almost human dog", is marketed thru this Joomla website. A different quote displays each time a visitor comes to the website. Also the slideshow is very compelling and helps to entertain, and capture the visitor's interest.

This industrial testing laboratory needed to instantly publish lab reports to staff and operations personell across the country. The Inform and Alert function uses green and glowing red icons to quickly show what needs attention. Oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico needed a low-bandwidth solution since their data speed was low. This system has vastly improved customer communcation and enhanced customer service. Brought on line per customer requests, this global reporting system is now a major selling point for the laboratory. In addition, the savings in printing costs have been dramatic.

"We need to track all the outstanding issues, and share this information with all concerned parties".
We designed and programmed an issue and response system: - Records all issues and related responses - automatic emails notify parties per department, when issue require their input. Government audit trails maintained without any user action. In addition, generating reports of open issues has gone from 2 hours to 5 minutes.

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NOTE: We can provide password and IP Address protected logins and protected documents for your website, portal, and intranet.