Webbased Employee Application Tracking and Hiring System
web automation for business and industry

- Two sample Business Applications
- 1. HR On-Line Personnel Application Form with management access to resumes, interview, and test results
- 2. Sales and Contract Tracking System. Answers the question "What is my sales force doing ?"

Automate your business processes

Save time by using software to automate the steps, and exceptions in the normal workflow of your business. The system can control, record and track your business process. Automated email exception reports and notifications, allow management to monitor key operating metrics such as: employee performance, work delays/backlog at each step, and customer responses. If desired, the client/customer can check the progress on-line, or be notifed via email automatically.

The screens below show two samples of the hundreds of business processes that can be automated to reduce your labor costs, and increase customer service and operating efficiency.

Sample custom system 1:- Employee Application Processing

  • "At-a-glance" people and process monitoring
  • track on-line job applicants and easily monitor the status
  • system automatically creates detailed audit and governmental records

Contact us to create your custom application, or see a demonstration of our custom systems via the internet, or in your office.

Sample custom system 2 - Sales Call and Employee Performance Tracking

  • "At-a-glance" people and process monitoring
  • Track sales calls and easily monitor status
custom web sales application
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