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Standard websites - Static HTML Code

  • Website optimized for your search phrases raise your rank on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta_Vista
  • Cost effective websites to 'get your feet wet' and test your concept on the internet
  • Templates can be expanded to include some custom features - Blogs, Multi_Mailers, Owner Controlled Content
  • If you prefer, we can get you started building your own website for under $500 using a website template, or Joomla
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Tri-Parish welding needed to market to architects, homebuilders, and individual homeowners. At a glance their prospects can see examples of their workmanship with fast webpages, and large "popup" images on each sample. The parchment gives the website an "old world workmanship" mood, and the "Palantino" san-serif type face adds to the craftmanship motto.

This company needed a high Google ranking website, and they needed it fast. We selected a template, and I started writing the copy. Some of the advantages of using a template are: you know what your website will look like, graphics are already in place, and compatibility with PC's and Mac's and different browsers. NOTE: You can use micro-stock $1 a photo sources like to further define and tell your story.

This company needed a website tune-up. We added scrolling images, highlighted the client list, and "told the story" of this customer. See Telling a story with pictures. When the contact form is filled in, the system automatically saves the entry to a database, then emails four different people.

These talented singers wanted a minimal website facelift. We changed the background, added some pictures, and they were back in business.
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