Private customer communications on the web
web automation for business and industry

- Dashboards give overview, and highlight priority work
- Custom Business Reporting
- Intranet - Private Login Required

Business Dashboards and Reporting Websites

Custom solutions both public and private. Automated, real-time reporting, dashboards, and management information systems.

  • Dashboards provide "at a glance" information and status
  • Private, https login contolled - provides a secured private area
  • Each company has a private area, controlled by company security levels and chain of command
  • One custom reporting system is in use by Gulf of Mexico Oil Rigs and land based petroleum facilities since 2002

Here are some examples:

A Dashboard gives a management overview and allows staff
to easily see what needs to be done
Web based reporting allows all team members, wherever they are,
to see reports, check status, and contribute to work.

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