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Learn about marketing your business on the Web - by Don Keller

Making Money on the Web - SEO, Ad Words "You can't stuff the ballot box, but you can have influence"

    I am amazed at how smart Google is. All search engine ranking systems continue to perfect their rankings to look for "real", informative, rich content containing words and pictures and then presenting those websites based on keywords and phrases used (short tail and long tail) in the organic search results (the free results shown on the left side). In the Daniel Breaux website, I found that informative content and properly "ALT" labeled graphics goes a long way to get a top ranked website.

    Get Higher Rankings !

    Is your website setup to receive the highest ranking possible for your search words and phrases ? Are you using the words and phrases that your prospects are using ?

    Make your marketing website effective !

    Your website and marketing plan must be built with your prospects and customers needs in mind.
    1. Choose your keywords and search phrases carefully. What words would they use when searching for your product or service.
    2. Create/Update your website
    3. Monitor and analyse your website traffic using Google analytics: visitors, keywords used to find your website, how long they stay on each page.
    4. Generate additional traffic using Google ad words, social marketing, direct emails, and blogs.

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  • Technical Issues

    There are a myriad of tricky and unseen features, functions, and frailties associated with websites and web marketing. Does your site look good on different types of computers and browsers ? What does your website look like to a search engine, especially Google, the industy leader ?
    • Cross Browser Compatibility - What does you website look like on a PC, Apple MAC (Macintosh) in Chrome or Firefox Browser Shots
    • Has someone used text from you website in their website? Fight Plagarism Copy Scape

    Ultra-Technical, but ultra Important Issues

    Ignornance is bliss, but when it comes to computers. Paranoia is an asset

    From the point of view of user, "it just works". But a business owner needs to know the website is safe, reliable and scalable. Also you must make sure your website developer/programmer team know how to protect you from user mistakes and hacker attacks.

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