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The Celebration of Daniel Breaux's life
Tipitina's        July 11, 2004

Claudia Dumestre and Ralph Mc Donald


Jere' Voisin, Daniel's Niece and

George Breaux, Daniel's Dad
       Uncle Podner

Jeré, Daniel's sister, and husband Larry Hart
Brian and Lee-Ann Breaux.
Daniel met Larry "in the oil field", introduced them, and they are celebrating their 25 wedding anniversary.
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Carla and Marc Breaux,
Daniel's Little Brother (LB)


Jere' Hart - Daniel's Sister
Larry Hart - Jere's Husband
Teryl & Timmy McElroy
Jere' Voisin - Daniel's Niece
Jere's Hart's DaughterYep, They are both named Jere'
Anne McElroy
Claudia Dumestre

Jackie Clement   Jackie's Jambalaya   985 876-7314

Jackie Clement (Mr. Jambalaya)
Marc Breaux - Daniel's Brother
Al Clement



From Mike McElroy: "Timmy took this pic awhile back and Jere' gave it to me at the celebration. Danny and our Mom, Shirley McElroy, were very close."


The dancing Dr. ---Dr. Wellington Arnaud and partners. . .


Claudia Dumestre

Helen Arlt




Mary and Don Keller (da web guy)

Ben Schenck and Dr. Michael White - Two Clarinetists - No Waiting !


 Eh La Bas!  in full swing (or jazz ,or samba, or tango) !



Dr. Michael White reciting the lyrics to "Dancing in the sky".

He explained that the song was Daniel's and Claudia's favorite.

The good Dr. told us how much they appreciated Daniel and Claudia performing with them, that the dancing was every bit as enjoyable to the band as it was to all of us watching from the "floor"


Dr. Michael White and his very excellent Traditional Jazz band.


The food was superb- So many dishes, so little time !
The variety of food and the taste, ya HAD to be there
(And we wish you were there)

Catherine "Blue Moon" Schoeffler  and da web guy


Daniel through his own eyes


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 Celebration Pictures