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Industry and Business Process Digitization - From an electronic office in 1988 to today's advanced monitoring automation, Strong Controls has been providing solutions that provide real-time information, insure quality, and save money.


Industrial Process Monitoring

Monitor processes, personnel and product performance using Ethernet: ModBus, TCP/IP etc. "Near real-time" dashboards. Custom Detail and Summary Reports allow remote monitoring of factory and office.


Office Process Streamlining

Eliminate manual entries utilizing spreadsheets, legal pads, hand written notes and potential confusion/inaccuracies. Centralize and secure your distribution of information, documents, work. Manage multi-location companies by central data storage to standardize information and reports across the company.

Operator Data Entry

Operator Data Entry Accuracy

Predefined pick lists assure speedy and accurate Operator input for common values. Hand entered text is allowed in certain "open" fields per plant needs. Example: Downtime Type will be picked from list, yet Operator can additionally enter any comment.


Management Overview and Reports

Real-time viewing shows work status, productivity, and downtime events. Status and Daily Tracking of work performed, Management Exception Alerts. "Get it done right every day" Monitor, Automate, Control, Comply.

Reports - Local and Remote


Reports per Your Needs

Reports by day - including KPI (Key Perfomance Indicator) - consolidated Production reports By Week, Quarter, Year, Barge Reports. Dashboards provide "at a glance" information and status of monitored systems.

Industrial Process Monitoring and Management (IPMM)

Monitor processes, personnel, and performance. Automatic Status and Daily Tracking of work/product movement and work performed. Management Exception Alerts available.


Monitor from all over the world

Browser based access allows remote viewing. One custom reporting system is in use by Gulf of Mexico oil rigs and land based petroleum facilities since 2002

Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops

Reports available on desktops, tablets and smartphones. On some smartphones, reduced screen size might limit visibility. Reports accessed utilizing a standard web browser - no installation required.